Health & Safety

J Coffey’s Health & Safety Strategy has, at its heart, the concepts of Sensible Health & Safety and shows the company’s commitment to continual improvement.

Being “risk aware, not risk averse,” is built into the company’s whole approach to managing risk in all aspects of its business. Sensible Health & Safety awareness is key to ensuring that Managers can deliver on their service priorities whilst ensuring the risks are managed in a sensible, proportionate and legal way.The strategy supports the company’s priorities, and in particular supports the priority of maximising wellbeing by addressing the potential health and safety risks from the company’s service delivery.

“Think Safe, Be Safe” is a motto we live by.  It is very important that our employees go home safe every day. .”

James Coffey Group Chairman | Coffey Construction Ltd

The safe working practices we adhere to across the business, along with the introduction of our Behavioural Safety Programme has resulted in J Coffey being awarded RoSPA Gold Awards for Occupational Health & Safety from 2011 to 2018, something all at J Coffey are highly proud of.

Green Card Incentive

We feel that each employee, regardless of role, should feel responsible for the safety of their fellow co-worker’s as well as themselves.We like to promote positive thinking and in-turn a great culture, recognising good practices and work conditions of our staff. The ‘Green Card’ is an individual award, given to those who actively promote a safe working environment.

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Gideon Tweedy

Head of Health & Safety