Water / Tidal

Utility companies, authorities and private organisations all face pressure on water preservation and excesses of water during seasonal periods. As civil engineers, J Coffey operatives are known for their long-standing and respected experience in undertaking and successfully completing a wide range of projects relating to the control and movement of mains, storm and foul water.

We have undertaken the design, build and commissioning of a below ground, 75 metres long, 16 metres wide and 6 metres deep, independent Contact Tank.

Our work includes:

  • Site Clearance and Ground works
  • Reinforced concrete works
  • Foundations and slabs
  • Pumping stations
  • Access roads and pavements
  • Storm water sewers
  • Gravity sewers
  • Rising mains
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Water / Tidal PROJECTS