Contract: JCT Design & Build Contract 2005 Edition Revision 2 (2009)
Value: £312,000
Duration: 26 weeks
Completed: March 2011
Project Manager: London Borough of Ealing
Architect: Broadway Malyan
Cost Consultant: London Borough of Ealing

This project included alterations, extension and eco-retrofit works to an existing semi-detached dwelling as part of a nationwide government initiative to assess and monitor the effectiveness of upgrading existing housing stock to create well insulated, low energy homes for the 21st century.

The domestic property was completely stripped back to the frame and the heating, plumbing and electrical installations were completely renewed as part of the refurbishment which also encompassed the full redecoration and design and construction of a two storey extension – all to Decent Homes standards.

Of particular interest was the retro-fitting of specialist eco-installations including air tightness measures to reduce air leakage, additional roof and ground floor insulation, air source heat pump with mechanical ventilation, heat recovery and skirting radiators, green switching, low energy light ttings, white goods and cooking appliances, ‘remote’ metering, monitoring and data logging, external insulating lime-render, heated triple glazing, solar thermal panels and photo-voltaic panels including reinforcing roof structure to accommodate the additional weight, insulating external doors and porch / draft lobby, all as identified by London Borough of Ealing for this important prototype project for their housing stock.