Main Contractor: MiCiM Limited
Client: Private
Architect: RKD
Structural Engineer: Mmoss
Contract Value: €3m

K2 Dublin Data Center is located at Ballycoolin, Dublin, Ireland. Microsoft’s new data center in Dublin represents a milestone in data center design. The new facility will power much of Microsoft’s global cloud computing operation, while using far less energy and water than typically consumed in other data centers of this scale. The new Dublin facility incorporates design innovations driving its efficiency, including a “free cooling” system that uses outside air to cool the data center, and a server pod design that employs hot aisle containment to support warmer operating temperatures inside the server space. The Dublin center operates at a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25, Microsoft says, compared to averages of about 2.0 for the industry and 1.6 for other Microsoft facilities.
J Coffey Construction were appointed to carry out the following works:
• Site Enabling Works
• Concrete slabs
• MV & LV services
• Surface drainage systems
• Soft Landscaping Works