Main Contractor: MACE
Architect:Fairhursts Design Group
Engineer: Glanville
Contract Value:  £6.6M
Location: Didcot, Oxfordshire

EPAC is part of the Harwell science campus. The building will provie state of the art high resolution 3D X-rays, used for imaging dieseased bones. The building is set to be opened in 2024.

The Works comprise of:

• Site enabling works, including clearance of remaining vegetation, kerbs, car park hard standings and redundant fencing. Cut and fill exercise to achieve levels across the site, and reduced levels for the floor slab formation.
• Installation of the concrete slab for site cabins
• Foul and Storm drainage to be complete, including the use of floor drains and gullies, manholes, attenuation tanks. Connecting to existing foul and surface drains from RFI enabling works
• Below ground level pits, bases, culverts and thickenings all as part of the main structure including damp proof membrane.
• Formation of a vertical labyrinth beneath the ground floor slab, pour the labyrinth slab and retaining walls with the use of sacrificial sheet piles.
• Supply and lay insulation under the ground floor slab.
• Pour ground floor slab and all associated rebates, recesses and ground beams. 6mm thick latex screen will be applied.
• Super structure RC walls, up to 2.5m thick and up to 11m in height.
• Pour concrete for upper slabs/upper RC floors.
• Tarmac outside areas in line with architects drawings, with a return visit for the final layer after building works have been complete.