Contract: JCT Design & Build Contract 2005 Edition Revision 2 (2009)
Value: £815,000
Duration: 18 weeks
Completed: October 2010
Employers Agent: Thomas and Adamson
Architect: Mountford Pigott Partnership
Structural Engineer: WSP Group
Services Consultant: WSP Group

Refurbishment and remodelling of a 34,000 sqr ft live retail store including removal of the existing asbestos roof, re-cladding with composite roof and wall cladding, external works and new fencing.

The key to the success of this project was the methodology and sequence of operations that allowed the store to continue trading safely whilst affording continual access to the external envelope to allow its economical replacement within acceptable timescales.

In addition to the re-cladding of the store, rationalisation of the building footprint was carried out, staff accommodation was refurbished, the store entrance was repaved and new feature and totem signage were both installed.