Porchester Road – Chairman Sunderland Terrace Residents Association

In my role as Chairman of Sunderland Terrace Residents Association and a property owner in both Westbourne Gardens and Sunderland Terrace, I would like to thank you and your colleagues at J Coffey for the exemplary way you have run this project over the last 12 months or so. Your ‘’on the ball/ attention to detail’’ management of this difficult site which has no easy parking for the trucking in and out, at the intersection of two busy roads, has been handled perfectly to cause the least inconvenience to local residents of the local area. Furthermore your workforce have been courteous, considerate and ready to quickly solve any issue that may arise with speed and kindness. A great team all round and one, we as residents, were appreciative of. All of this spirit and affect, despite working a difficult site which must stretch patience, was a testament to something good in the corporate education / spirit. If only all contractors were like J Coffey Construction.’